Pamper Him With A Sensual Massage


Giving a great massage is about more than rubbing down muscles, it’s about the whole package. Done right a good massage can lead to so much more, and is always appreciated. It can be a chance to show off a romantic side and all it takes are a few easy steps.

Before delving in make sure that all the necessary supplies are at hand. Stock up on oils and lotions with soothing scents, along with some towels and if baby wipes. Add in some fun toys like a vibrator or a body wand, and even a blindfold. Light some candles, put on some soothing music, and make sure that nails are trimmed and hands are clean. I love this sensual kama sutra set: click here from

Start off by applying oil to the hands, never directly to the body, and rub them together so they get nice and warm. Start at the shoulders and the back, relieving tension at aching muscles so they can enjoy the more erotic aspects of the massage to come. When they are relaxed, use one hand to start massaging their nipples or another erogenous zone. The goal is to give a sensual massage, not reach every part of their body. Place the blindfold on them and continue the massage with an emphasis on their most sensitive and responsive areas.

Treating them to a sensual massage is always appreciated, and usually paid back in turn. They’ll appreciate the effort, and all it really takes are a few simple supplies.


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