Handy and Discreet Bedroom Furniture for Great Sex

98112754When most people decorate the bedroom, they think of almost everything, except the fun. Lots of money is spent of the mattress for sleeping, but rarely anyone thinks about furniture for making sex more fun. And with some of the latest furniture on the market it’s easier than ever to find something in almost any price range.

Foam Support

For those looking for something durable, cushions and furniture with a sturdy inner foam core will provide ample support for active couples. Their dense foam will take most weights, giving the support needed to get that extra deep penetration and intimacy sought after. Most high end cushions, like the ones from Liberator, will have removable, washable covers, and many are so stylish that they can be left on the bed and used between intimate sessions as extra support while reading or watching TV.

Inflatable Pillows

Inflatable pillows and cushions are a popular option because of their lower prices, and how easy they are to store. The downside is that many of these do not have removable covers, and may not offer enough support for two people to fully put their weight on them. Many inflatable pillows or positioning aides come with attached dildo’s and are made for solitary use, but can be used without the dildo for extra support during love making.

While matching curtains and pretty pillows make a bedroom look nice, it’s the fun accessories like the positioning aides and toys that make it truly functional.

I love the liberator ramp which you can purchase from this reputable site


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