How to Do a Strip Tease

intimate-couple-in-the-bedroomA slow and sensual strip tease is incredibly sexy and a huge turn on. And the good news is it works just as well when a guy does it as a girl does. It may seems intimidating to strip down in front of someone else, but with a few simple tricks it’s easy to put on a show they’ll really love.

Practice: It may be cliché, but practice does make perfect. Watch some classic stripper movies like 9 1/2 weeks to get the moves down, then practice them in front of the mirror. Keep the hips moving, and try out removing different articles of clothing until it looks effortlessly sexy.

Music: Choose some music to strip and dance to. Make it upbeat and something that both partners will enjoy. Forget the boy bands and stick with something that has a sexy undertone.

Outfit: Try a shirt that buttons up, it will keep hands busy and provide some extra moves as they undo each button. Forego pants as they’re hard to look sexy getting out of, instead try a pencil skirt or just underwear. Don’t forget a sexy bustier to hide under the shirt – click here for some great ones.

Go Slowly: Remember that it’s a tease, not a race, so go slowly. Don’t spoil the show and display all the goods at once, on the other hand don’t take a full song to lose that shirt.

Eye Contact: Keep eye contact at all times. Even when walking away swivel the neck so eye contact can be maintained. It makes it feel more intimate and connected.

Giving a strip tease is simple. It doesn’t take a pro, especially when there’s an audience of one that already loves the body that’s putting on the show.


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