Excellent Masturbation Alternatives for Women


We all know how tiring and boring it can get just using our hands over and over again, non-stop to get off! No matter how turned on I may be, I find rubbing myself non-stop quite uninteresting. The absence of a good quality vibrator or dildo simply gets to me. Let me introduce you to some very innovative masturbation alternatives which I learnt recently.

Masturbation alternative number one – I have tried pushing my vagina against my dining table’s soft edges. I can easily adjust myself against it and get my pelvic muscles into good motion. After I have placed myself correctly, I move myself in upwards and downwards motion, rubbing my vagina against the table’s edges. You have to find one good spot that feels great and keep altering your motions to get maximum pleasure.

Masturbation alternative number two – Like me, you can also use a pillow to rub your vagina and clitoris against it. I have always found rubbing myself against pillow to be a great adventurous sex ride! Right before I’m about to climax, I use my hand and start rubbing my clit very fast in circular motion. This way I’m able to peak with great intensity.

Masturbation alternative number three – Before I bought some good quality vibrators and dildos from the Internet (I like sextoys247.com.au), I had created my personal dildo at home! You can also do the same. All you need to do is use some soft materials like napkins etc. and stuff them inside condoms. There you’ll have your own home-made dildo!


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