Bachelorette Party Fun: Ideas For A Bachelorette Party


My university roommate became engaged recently and asked me to be her maid of honour. I was flattered by her request and was determined to make her bachelorette party a night she’d never forget. I enlisted the help of her other bridesmaids and we set off to a local adult toy store to stock up on supplies for our celebration.

When we entered the shop we were overwhelmed by the selection of novelty toys and games designed specifically for throwing the perfect hen’s night. They offered cake pans in the shape of dongers, pecker shaped shot glasses, and even pecker shaped lollipop molds! We could hardly contain our giggles as we surveyed all of the merchandise. We selected the Bp Bachelorette Party Kit because it offered several items we knew would be perfect for our party.

I was hosting the party at my house so the day before I began filling and emptying the dicky ice tray to ensure we’d have plenty of fun pecker shaped ice for the party. The kit also came with pecker shaped straws so every drink we took would be a fun, sexy experience. The pecker straw included for the bride was much larger than the others to help point out that she was the guest of honour.

The day of the bachelorette party the bridesmaids came over to help me set up all of the games that were included in the kit. When the bride finally arrived she couldn’t contain her excitement and amusement at all of the cheeky items we’d found. We immediately dressed her in the special bachelorette ribbon, feather boa and headpiece that set her apart from the other women at the party.

We started off the night with a game of Pin the Macho on the Man. It was hilarious to see where all of the paper dongers ended up on the naked man poster we’d attached to my wall. After that we played the Pecker Ring Toss Game with our inflatable Mini John Doll. We’d been drinking cocktails for awhile and the more inebriated we became the less accurate our aim was! It made for an entertaining evening. By the time we made our way to the kinky lotto cards and game dice that were included in the Party Kit we were making up games of our own to play with them!

My friend really enjoyed the game portion of her party but was even more pleased with her gifts. Since we’d decided to make the party theme naughty we invited all of the guests to bring her a kinky gift. Normally she’s a fairly reserved person but the drinks and games had loosened her up and by the time she opened her presents she was delighted and not at all embarrassed to show off her new toys. The evening was a complete success, thanks in large part to the Bp Bachelorette Party Kit.

If you’re throwing a bachelorette party or even just a hen’s night I highly recommend checking out the selection of novelty toys and games at your local adult toy shop or favourite sex toy website (I love The entertainment values the games provide are well worth the cost of the products!


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