Do Yourself A Favour A Try Being Hog-tied

blog14One of my passions in the bedroom is to find out new sexual climaxes based on the position or situation my body is in. I think you all know that I like to get tied up but my absolute favourite position is to be hog tied with my feet and wrist connected behind my back. I know you are probably thinking that this sounds like a very uncomfortable position for sex. I have found this position gives me some of my best orgasms. My lover and I use the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Hogtie Kit, the kit contained four neoprene cuffs which are all attached to a spider chain. I simply adore when lover places his penis in my open mouth and I can not stop him.

I have also found that anal sex is better in this scenario too. When I am hogtied my arms are trusted backwards and my ankles forward. The only way they can reach each other in the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Hogtie system is by bending my knees and forcing my ass into the air. This is perfect for my lover to penetrate me with ease.

I know everyone is a little different in their fetishes and sexual desires. If you are looking for something special to use in the bedroom; do your self a favour and and try this out 😉


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