Flirty Tie Up Moments

blog6I can remember the first time my lover tied me up. I was really frisky that day and refused to help my lover with anything around the house. He commented one time that “when I catch you, I am going to tie you up.” I just smiled and said “catch me.” Many years later I am so glad my lover chased me that day and caught me. I loved the sensation of being helpless and having to completely trust my lover. Today, I am comfortable exploring another of my sexual desire more in depth.

That first time we simply used some of his neck ties that were in the closet and he tied me up good. I think the next time we graduated to belts along with neck ties. The only thing I did not like about those early tie ups was that sometimes I would receive marks from the belts.

More recently my lover and I have bought and tried the Fetish Fantasy Elite-Fantasy Bondage Rope as well as a pair of Fetish Fantasy Elite-Silicone Cuffs. These two items have worked well together and the quality is superb. The cuffs are snap-on and he used the rope to tie my ankles together before tying up to the bed. We had a great time and I can not wait to use this sexual equipment again in the future.


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