My Love For Being Tied Up

blog3I have found that my favourite fetish during my love making sessions is to be tied up or restrained. I absolutely love this sexually passionate action when I am involved. Some people are intimidated by getting tied up but I find the action very stimulating and even mysterious at times. Occasionally, I even like to wear a mask or blind fold to bring in the mysterious side of being restrained and in the dark. I have tried many restraint systems over the years and have found that I prefer Velcro closure over a lock and key cuff style. The problem I have is that not many adult stores will actually carry restraint systems for lovers. So finding the right style is tricky at times.

Finding the right restraint system is important. I like having my body ravished over with no way of stopping or helping my lover is stimulating to me. I was lucky enough to find Sex Toys 247 on the internet. This is the perfect place to purchase your new restraint system. I was thoroughly impressed with the whole buying experience. Even better my package came wrapped in regular brown paper and did not look odd to the delivery person when they delivered the package. Now I have tried everything; different ropes, nylons and other contraptions I could dream up using what ever materials I had around the house. But I am very happy now that I have found the perfect system for me.


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